Secure & Smart Protective Visor

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Name of the project : Secure & Smart Protective Visor

Type of project : Research projects


In the current pandemic context, in addition to vaccination as a preventive measure, the use of respiratory protection devices (masks, visors), used in combination with barrier gestures, is considered to be one of the most effective means to limit the spread of disease.

In the event that wearing a respiratory protection device risks becoming routine, to support society in this long term lifestyle change, the optimization of the design of visors and other respiratory protection devices is both essential and justified.

This project consists in prioritizing the respiratory protection role of these devices and integrating the socio-economic and technological aspects related to use and risk.

To do this, a detailed analysis of needs, uses and expectations will be carried out among health professionals at Nantes University Hospital. At the same time, an analysis of risk perception and social acceptability relative to the use of protective visors will be conducted with different socio-professional groups in order to define how the factors specific to each group induce behaviors, models of representation and specific practices in the wearing of masks versus that of visors. Finally, the results of the surveys will be considered in order to size the prototypes. Wind tunnel flow tests will be performed on the prototypes to map the velocity field associated with the flow of droplet transmission leaks and to measure their concentration. This approach will make it possible to quantify the level of exposure to droplets in the area covered by the protective device in a detailed way for optimal design.

The goal of the project is to produce a prototype mask and/or visor that is manufacturable. The prototypes will be developed by a French company with a view to possible industrial production.

Partners : Université Gustave Eiffel (GERS), Univ. Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (EVS), CHU de Nantes (Institut du Thorax), École Centrale de Nantes.

Name of supervisor(s) : Andry Razakamanantsoa (GERS)

Start and end of the project : 1 January 2021 - 30 June 2022

Duration : 18 months