Study of the movement of rats in the city of Paris

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Name of the project : Study of the movement of rats in the city of Paris

Type of project : Internships


The goal of this internship is to conduct a technical feasibility study to analyze the movement of rats (under and above ground). In other words, it consists of carrying out a comparative evaluation of the sensors likely to meet the specifications for the identification, tracking and localization of rats. It involves doing a comparative evaluation of sensors that are able to meet specifications for identifying, tracking and location tracking rats.

The intern will study the different sensors available and compatible for the location tracking of rats (tracking collar, miniature subcutaneous sensors, etc.) and the functioning of the measurement technologies (optical sensors including IR, GPS chips, temperature sensors, RFID solutions, etc.). She will also estimate the duration of use based on sensor consumption depending on the scenario and will choose the appropriate charging mode (battery or RF link). An analysis of the options for retrieving the data acquired will supplement this work (sensor network communication protocols). She will also work on mapping issues in conjunction with IGN researchers (for a given field of study such as the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, where teams from the National Museum of Natural History – co-promoters of the internship with URL – can install sensors).

Secondly, after identifying several test sensors, the intern will describe them under different environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, depth of location, etc.). Field tests may be considered according to the progress of the work.

Name of supervisor(s) : Gaëlle Lissorgues (ESYCOM/ESIEE Paris)

Name of student(s): Catherine Huet (ESIEE Paris)

Start and end of the project : 4 May 2020 - 31 July 2020

Duration : 4 months