Interdisciplinary Research Center on Urban Risks and Crisis

Interdisciplinary project

To propose an experimental and evolving system that brings out innovative and interdisciplinary research

Urban Risks and Crisis

The project works across the risk and crisis continuum, adopting a multi-risk perspective and on several geographical scales (from the individual to the collective)


To bring out projects by proposing new approaches and methods that meet the needs of partners

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AAP internal URL award-winning projects

Following the launch of an internal URL call for projects on the theme of the health crisis, COMEX decided to select and fund five interdisciplinary research projects. The winners were:

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Newsletter #3 (July 2020) is available

The third URL Newsletter is available! Find out about what’s happening at URL, including the launch of its internal AAP and life in the MiniLabs.

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Launch of an internal AAP

URL is mobilizing in the face of the current pandemic context with its AAP_2020. It is indeed crucial to provide analyses of past crises and to anticipate future ones, whether directly or indirectly linked to the coronavirus. The idea behind this approach is to support multidisciplinary work on risks and crises in urban areas by building on the Covid-19 crisis in the broader sense. The goal is to improve prevention and anticipation efforts in urban crisis scenarios in the light of the current analysis. The call is therefore two-fold: firstly, to provide feedback on what happened (technological aspects with digital applications, organizational and political aspects of crisis management at the governmental/territorial levels, scientific controversies, text and video analyses, illustrations, etc.), and; secondly, to research and develop thinking on and solutions to the health, economic, social, political and environmental issues (notably pollution, waste, etc.) generated by this crisis, its management and how populations understand them. The call is open on a continuous basis until September 18, 2020 .

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Analysis and data processing

Data qualification, optimization and reliability

Captors and uses

Innovative solutions to prevent and manage crises


Representation of complex data

Information flow in a degraded conditions

Information issues before and during a crisis

The Team

Valerie November

(CNRS/LATTS), Director

Alice Azémar

(UPE), Responsible for the strategic steering

Alexandre Geffroy

(UGE), Data management and analysis - Coordination aid