Interdisciplinary Research Center on Urban Risks and Crisis

Interdisciplinary project

To propose an experimental and evolving system that brings out innovative and interdisciplinary research

Urban Risks and Crisis

The project works across the risk and crisis continuum, adopting a multi-risk perspective and on several geographical scales (from the individual to the collective)


To bring out projects by proposing new approaches and methods that meet the needs of partners


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The Newsletter #2 (January 2020) is available

The URL coordination team is pleased to publish the second newsletter which informs you of the various URL actions, the life of MiniLabs and a summary of our symposium.

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URL funds 6 internships in 2020

Based on the success of the first internships funded in 2019, creating the conditions for progressive rapprochement between disciplines and institutions, URL wished to pursue this type of initiative by funding 6 new internships in 2020. For more information, see descriptions of internships funded by URL.

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2019 annual conference

The annual URL symposium unfolded on November 26 and 27, 2019. The 26 was dedicated to the consortium and partners, the 27 was public because it was linked to the FUTURE DAYS organized by I-SITE.

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URL founds 3 multidisciplinary theses

URL co-funds three multidisciplinary theses that address different types of risks (indoor air pollution, energy demand, critical infrastructure). For more information, seedescription of PhD

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Data qualification, optimization and reliability

Innovative solutions to prevent and manage crises

Representation of complex data

Information issues before and during a crisis

The Team

Valerie November

(CNRS/LATTS), Director

Alice Azémar

(UPE), Responsible for the strategic steering

Alexandre Geffroy

(UGE), Data management and analysis - Coordination aid