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Name of the project : CoVizu

Type of project : Research projects

Type of contract : Comité Analyse-Recherche-Expertise (CARE)


On April 6, 2020, the Presidency of Gustave Eiffel University sent out a call for proposals from the new Expertise Research Analysis Committee (CARE) in response to the COVID-19 crisis to its research staff. The URL team relayed the information to the consortium and requested that interested parties present themselves. Thus was the CoVizu project born. The project was selected by CARE and the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (MESRI). CoVizu was designed based on the needs of Prof. Piarroux of the AP-HP, who created the Covisan program, a system of mobile teams that care for Covid-19 patients. The idea was to intervene quickly and in micro-clusters by sending volunteers into the field to help sick people isolate themselves effectively and protect those around them. The CoVizu project was developed based on the needs identified by Dr. Piarroux and his teams in terms of mapping contamination outbreaks (proven and potential), in order to support them with efficient and appropriate visualization tools. The CoVizu project thus offers dynamic cartographic visualizations to provide a comprehensive spatio-temporal analysis of the situation.

The CoVizu project brings together three partners: AP-HP (Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital), IGN (LASTIG laboratory), and LATTS (Techniques, Territories and Societies laboratory).

The project gave rise to five internships supervised by IGN. The projects were presented in July 2020.

Name of supervisor(s) : Renaud Piarroux (AP-HP, Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière), Guillaume Touya (LaSTIG, IGN), Valérie November (LATTS, CNRS)