iSafe Virtual Human

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Name of the project : iSafe Virtual Human

Type of project : Research projects

Type of contract : Collaborative project funded by the road safety delegation


iSafe consists of developing a warning and optimization system for victims of road accidents. Developed in collaboration with researchers from Ifsttar’s Health and Safety transport department (LBA, LBMC, LMA and UMRESTTE Laboratoires), the University of Strasbourg, and doctors and firefighters from ENSOSP, this system is based on a set of technological components such as recorders embedded in the vehicle to transmit information on the impact conditions. Analyzed remotely and in real time using digital simulations on virtual human bodies, this data will help predict potential injuries and the level of urgency to guide the decisions of the players involved in the rescue chain.

Name of supervisor(s) : Pierre-Jean Arnoux, Wei Wei, Claire Bruna-Rosso (LBA); Jean-Louis Martin (UMRESTTE); Thierry Serre (LMA)

Start and end of the project : 31 March 2019 - 31 March 2022

Duration : 3 years