Visualization and visual interpretation of flood simulation data

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Name of the project : Visualization and visual interpretation of flood simulation data

Type of project : Internships


The IGN, EIVP and IFSTTAR (coordinator of the ANR PICS project) proposed a Master 2 internship on the exploration and visualization of end data in a hydraulic simulation. The goal of the internship was to visualize and help visually interpret data from a hydraulic simulation (velocities, flows and directions) to better explain and understand the simulation results and to improve the simulation model and/or quality of the input data. The visualization proposals are made based on the creation of new data and (carto)graphical representations, so as to be able to interpret the data and, more importantly, detect anomalies, which may result from input data, the simulation model or the graphical representation. Data processing and graphical representation styles have been automated in QGIS software and can be re-used for new versions of the simulation model data, as well as for other data.

Name of supervisor(s) : Sidonie Christophe (LaSTIG, IGN-ENSG, UPE) ; Florence Jacquinod (LaSTIG, EIVP) ; Olivier Payrastre (IFSTTAR Nantes, GERS-EE)

Name of student(s): Octave Perrin de Brichambault

Start and end of the project : 8 April 2019 - 30 August 2019

Duration : 5 months